The end of the world

There is something beautiful in the idea of the end of the world. As morbid as it sounds the thoughts of everyone in the world showing their true colours would be a thing of beauty, nobody worrying about what we all think of each other, nobody doing the jobs they hate, nobody worrying about materialistic goods.

Imagine a life where none of that matters like something kicked in to our brains, the brainwashing wore off and we literally only care for our own happiness. In this life I think we fear judgement too much, Judgement is all around us through our social status, through social media and even through religion. We get justed for anything we do but it shouldn’t bother us, we need to realise this life is too short (cliche but true) to worry about things we can’t control and what way others see us. The only eyes that matter are your own, see a person in the mirror that is happy, honest and living life without fear.

Obviously I don’t want the world to end but whenever I leave this Earth it would be peaceful to leave with everyone else too. No fear of missing out or leaving people behind, we all go togetger United and we all watch the end specticle together as old folk who have been on some major adventures.

Train our minds to live the life we want.

Have you ever noticed how some of your best ideas start with a drunken idea? When you’re tipsy and spitting out random plans and talking about how much you hate that and love this but whenever you wake up you’re a different person ? The saying of drunken words are a sober man’s thoughts is very true but why can’t we think like our drunken selves all the time ? 

What I mean by this is when somebody is just on the verge of getting drunk, when they have had a few beers in they are open to so much more suggestions, conversations and plans. 

You see a girl and you think I’d need to be drunk to speak to her, you talk about wanting to quit your job, you talk about not wanting to take that shit from somebody and you talk about your life plans that you want to pursue but come Monday morning you’d say “I don’t even know what I was saying I was so drunk” but why does it have to be like that ? Why have we two mindsets, we can’t we follow through on these plans, why can’t we have this confidence on a Monday morning ?

A friend asked me last night “if alcohol had no damaging effects to the body, if hangovers didn’t exist and it didn’t damage your liver would you want to be tipsy all the time?”

I think for myself I would. The feeling of being actually in control of your body and mind. To say what you want and do what you want without the worry of silly precaution. But this is all a mind state. There is no reason we can’t have the guts to do these things! We need to see the bigger picture sometimes, the picture only our stupid drunk selves see. The picture of life isnt going to last forever. Cut the negativity out of it, do what you want without worry because you don’t want to look back thinking I should have and I could have! Do what you want now and do it honestly.

The Bucket list 

I think this should be something everyone creates! It gives you a goal to strive to get to all the things you want to do before you die. Mine is constantly being added on to but for right now this is my bucket list, hope you enjoy and can add some of your own for me to check out !


Visit Brazil to see Christ the redeemer

From a young age this was always top of my bucket list! I’m not religious or anything but this statue is magnificent and something has always drawn me to it and Brazil.


See the northern lights

There could be a chance I could see this when I go to Canada, and I am really hoping so. Space, stars and the sky amazes me so to see the northern lights would be amazing.


Go to Las Vegas

Another place I wanted to visit from when I was younger. From family members who have been it seems to be somewhere worth going.


complete The Great Wall of China Marathon

This one would most definitely be difficult so I am open to changing it to the half marathon over The Great Wall of China which would still be a hell of a challenge considering I’ve only done one half marathon before.

– Visit Hawaii

Love the music, love the scenery and love the Beaches, I would love to see it in person.

– Visit the Vatican City

Again need to stress I am not religious, this one has come from reading the Angels and Demons book. Best book I’ve read and they speak about all the buildings, how they were built and how long they have been standing for; I think it is something I’d like to see before I die.


– Visit Norway

A beautiful country that I would love to visit.

– Go to Germany for Oktoberfest

Love my beer and where better to enjoy a beer at one of the worlds best beer festivals.

–  See Man Utd play in The Champions League

Huge football fan and where better to see your team play under the lights in the champions league.


– Go to an NBA game

I am big on my sports and could really buy in to the American sports.


– Go to an NFL game

Same as NBA I would love to see an NFL game.


– Visit South Africa and a safari and volunteer in Africa

I want to see South Africa as the people draw me to it, a lot of friendly people and if I am in a position to help by volunteering someday I would like to do so.

– See My Chemical Romance live

This one will prove tricky considering at the moment the band are on a hiatus but very few bands stay broken up forever so let’s hope I could witness The Black Parade album live.

– See Kings of Leon live

Only a new band I have really gotten in to but would love to see them live now.


– See Brian Fallon live

I seen him at reading festival before with the gaslight anthem and whilst I loved it and them it’s only been lately I have really become a proper fan.


– Go to Glastonbury festival

I have done Reading and Leeds festival which was unbelievable but Glastonbury is the king of all (with a good line up).

– Visit Venice and Naples

Through the TV show Master of none I have found a love for Italy and the scenes at these places would be amazing.

– Go to New York for Christmas

I’m a big lover of Christmas and New York seem to do it right.

– See many Animals in the wild and not at a zoo, including grizzly bears, sharks and whales.

– Interrail across all of europe

As I’m sure you’re aware if you have read to this point now I love the idea of travelling and seeing as many things as possible so interrailling across all of europe would definitely be a life experience I would love to have.



Completed items off the bucket list
– See Northern Ireland at a major football tournament ☑️

What an adventure ! Going with a friend to Paris to see Northern Ireland in the Euros, definitely a memory I will never forget!


– going to Reading and Leeds Festival ☑️

A festival I went to the first time with my best mate and the second time I went just to meet the ones we met the first time. Made friends for life and a festival I will be at again before I die.


– See Blink 182 Live ☑️

Always my favorite band from no age! No bucket list would have been complete without seeing them live, which I am lucky to have done 3 times. With the last time being at Reading and Leeds festival.


– See Eddie Vedder live ☑️

A man that I was sure I needed to see before I did and he did not disappoint! It was a trip again made with the best friend to cork which was a 5 hour drive, along the way we encourted horse racing, many trains and many beers.

– seeing Man Utd play

I’ve now seen Man Utd twice now which was a tick off the bucket list but next up is seeing them in the Champions League!

11:11 and its impact on heartbreak, healing and destiny.

11:11 is seen by many different people as a higher power or energy trying to tell us we are on the right path in our life and that we need to calm down a little. With 1111, the universe is sending a signal that an energy gateway has opened up. The universe has acknowledged you, and wants you to be aware that help is on the way.

From my own experience this is a very accurate description of what 11:11 stands for.
My Girlfriend broke up with me in January 2017, naturally this had a massive impact on me. I was one of those people who believed in forever and I was sure this was going to be forever, but the universe had different ideas that I wasnt aware of. So back to the break up, I was a mess, I wasnt eating, I was going to work 9-6 holding back tears and not bothering with anyone then to come home and sit in my room to 10 and fall asleep. I was showing all the signs of depression and very few people knew about it. I only talked to a few people about it, I rarely left the house unless it was a weekend and I spent most of my time sleeping or working. Then I started to notice 11:11, It was everywhere and I wasnt sure what it meant. I would look at my phone and see the time was 11:11 and my battery percent was 11%, whilst working in a phone shop I would check Peoples contracts and see they had balances of £11.11, there was just too many signs so I started to research it and take notice of it and what it meant.
With 11:11 giving me some kind of comfort, I ran with it, I started to do what it told me, I felt it was telling me I was getting on to the right path, and that path has led me to Canada to travel and just live life. I would write in a wee book that I have and from the start where I was feeling hopeless followed with words about seeing 11:11, then efforts of positivity and repeat the cycle.
My moments of positivity included heading to see Eddie Vedder live, going to see The 1975, climbing mountains including Slieve Donard, running a half marathon, starting to play football again and going on dates again. the pattern started to form where during my moments of positivity 11:11 would be unnoticed and moments of negativity would have 11:11 written all over it.
I didn’t realise it at first but I do now and I am a firm believer that 11:11 is trying to keep me on the path of positivity and get rid of the negativity.

Some moments in 2017 I have reached some very low points in my life, moments where I didn’t feel like I was fitting in the world of modern society, some of the things I wrote in my book was dark as hell, I never thought I would be myself again and at times I worried for my future. but whenever I got so low a few simple numbers pulled me back up and started me back on the correct path of life. To somebody who doesn’t believe it may sound stupid but quite literally I think my life could have taken a drastic turn for the worse if I had never have seen 11:11. To get over heartbreak or when life gets you so far down that you think it will never get better sometimes all we need is a sign. A sign that it actually does get better. A sign that help really is out there and it can be in the form of a number sequence for you to get the help through your own head and mind. For somebody to have never experienced anything with numerology to start to notice it at times when I really needed it, it showed me that help was always on the way and for that I am so thankful.
I believe everything in life happens for a reason, wherever we are in our life we are not far from where we need to be we just need to open our eyes a little wider and to really look for what it is we want. I never thought I would be where I am right now, I thought I would still be in my relationship, climbing titles in work but instead I am going to Canada to travel the world, meet new people and actually live life to the full. We all want happiness and we don’t want pain, 11:11 was able to show me how to achieve my happiness and how to avoid pain. 11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, our soul and our inner intuition. It’s serving as a wake-up call to us so that opportunities are not missed in this lifetime. I know travelling the world will have such a great impact on me and I think this number sequence led me to it.

I believe the universe will try to communicate with everybody at some point in their lives. Quite often, this communication will take the form of numerology. So if (when) you see the number 1111, remain open to whatever the universe is trying to tell you. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you simply listen.mundo1111

Pearl Jam – The end 

This is just a short appreciation piece on the Pearl Jam song called ‘the end.’ 

Having first heard the song I fell in love, the lyrics strung together and the emotion in his Eddie Vedder’s voice had me hooked. 

The song is from what I gather a story about a man who feels guilt for dying and leaving behind his loved ones. When I listen to music I listen to the story in the song and try and play it out in my head how the characters are feeling, with lyrics like “I just wanted to grow old, I just want to grow old” you feel the characters desperation to stay in this life and not pass on to the unknown. 

“It’s my fault now, having caught sickness in my bones, how it pains me to leave you here with the kids on your own, just don’t let me go” this verse hits home where you can see the guilt in his words, were he feels like it’s his fault for dying and leaving his wife/girlfriend behind to raise the kids.

“Looking out from the inside of the bottom of the well, I yell, it’s hell” I gather this is where he is in a purgatory type world looking in on his family and their grief. 

Overall I feel it’s a song that just really hits you were you think what if it was you? It’s a scary thing the passing on to the unknown and the fear of missing out on the rest of the world as it inevitably continues spinning as life goes on. 

At any moment in time the character that Eddie Vedder sings about can be us where we could be staring at death, we should live the life we want to live now so when we are passing we can have the satisfaction of knowing you lived every second of your life how you wanted to live it. 

Have you control of your life ?

I am a firm believer that our life does not have to be mapped out for us, it can be as spontaneous and random as we want it to be.

From a young age when we are asked the question of what we want to be when we are older we are already are conciously thinking about the future. When we are just children our answers are niave and wonderful, my answer was a footballer, I always wanted to become a footballer and do something that I loved (unfortunately I was not good enough for the premiership but I do still play locally).

Then as we get older we lose touch of our innocence and we lose touch with the roots we formed as a child, we start to answer ‘maturely’ we start to think of the money side of it and soon enough our answers are manipulated by a payslip.

How many times have you been told by somebody that the best days of your life where when you were in school ? But why does it have to be that way ? I understand we have youth on our side and less bills, but with it we don’t have the tools and platforms to hop on a plane to anywhere in the world and we don’t fully understand human connection which in my eyes  are the two best things of life.

We have lost touch with ourselves because it is drilled in to us that we have to, we are told we need to study pointless subjects in school and they will map out the rest of our lives, after our school years we get a job to pay for our weekends intoxications until we find somebody we can ‘settle down with’ to which we pay our bills, have a holiday in Lanzarote every year and die believing life was kind to us.

I believe there is so much more to life than this! Life doesn’t have to be the same as everyone elses, embrace your weird! Follow your dreams and make sure you go out if this world with a bang! Make sure you have no regrets, waken up and take control your destiny and become somebody who oozes passion and stands out from the crowd.

Whoever reads this (if anybody) ask yourself this question and take a few minutes to play the scenario out in your mind.

“if you had one year to live what would you do?”

If your answer is “I wouldn’t change a thing then go you! You’re living your life to the fullest and that is awesome! If you would change many things then ask yourself why haven’t you already started this ? Life is not a guarantee life is a luxury.

Are you living your life to the full?

What way are we living our lives?

we have become so disconnected from our souls and passions that we are now just company robots. Ask yourself why do you work? Chances are the answer is not going to be because I love my work and I feel passionate about what I do, the answer is going to be money. Money. Money. Money. I understand we cant do away with money, I understand that we need money to pursue adventures like travelling the world; my issue is the how we work 5 days a week 40 hours a week so we can blow our money on the weekends and repeat the cycle. Society has drilled it in to us that this is the way life is, this is what we should do with our lives, we live for the weekend. Just google that! Live for the weekend is an actual thing! Its crazy! Do you ever scroll through facebook and see people on a monday moring saying why cant it be the weekend already? Well this is exactly what I am saying, why arent we living for monday mornings, why arent we living for thursday sunsets, why arent we living every second of this life like the miracle it is and not the guarentee we think it is.
I have started to try and live my life out of the ordinary where every free minute I have I am doing something to get back in touch with how I believe our souls should be treated, I am keeping myself fit and active, I am writing, I am reading and I am off social media, but a problem arises and wall in the road  is that not many other people are doing the same and this usually leads to me doing these things by myself which is lonley. How many times do you find yourself scrolling through facebook abnd instagram endlessly where you lose track of time? I found myself wakening and checking it, before sleep I was viewing instagram, When I was home from work and eating dinner I was looking at facebook. Dont you think this all has a negative effect on us? We subconsciously do this and waste valuable hours comparing our lives to other online personas that our friends and peers have created.

I want to see peoples passions! I want to meet the post man who is doing the job so he can fund his education to become a lawyer, I want to meet the cashier in McDonalds who dreams of travelling the world and is saving for the ticket. I think we have forgotten our souls, our passion and our hearts. We are the nation who have been lead to a false sense of happiness through the brainwashing of Social Media and Technology.
It is time to snap out of it. It is time to stand up and be counted. Leave your mark on this world and make sure it is positive. Leave your legacy.
We get one life that we know of, make sure its one full of adventures and happiness, dont chase the money and weekends and lose touch of the heart and the mind.

Be Great!