Have you control of your life ?

I am a firm believer that our life does not have to be mapped out for us, it can be as spontaneous and random as we want it to be.

From a young age when we are asked the question of what we want to be when we are older we are already are conciously thinking about the future. When we are just children our answers are niave and wonderful, my answer was a footballer, I always wanted to become a footballer and do something that I loved (unfortunately I was not good enough for the premiership but I do still play locally).

Then as we get older we lose touch of our innocence and we lose touch with the roots we formed as a child, we start to answer ‘maturely’ we start to think of the money side of it and soon enough our answers are manipulated by a payslip.

How many times have you been told by somebody that the best days of your life where when you were in school ? But why does it have to be that way ? I understand we have youth on our side and less bills, but with it we don’t have the tools and platforms to hop on a plane to anywhere in the world and we don’t fully understand human connection which in my eyes  are the two best things of life.

We have lost touch with ourselves because it is drilled in to us that we have to, we are told we need to study pointless subjects in school and they will map out the rest of our lives, after our school years we get a job to pay for our weekends intoxications until we find somebody we can ‘settle down with’ to which we pay our bills, have a holiday in Lanzarote every year and die believing life was kind to us.

I believe there is so much more to life than this! Life doesn’t have to be the same as everyone elses, embrace your weird! Follow your dreams and make sure you go out if this world with a bang! Make sure you have no regrets, waken up and take control your destiny and become somebody who oozes passion and stands out from the crowd.

Whoever reads this (if anybody) ask yourself this question and take a few minutes to play the scenario out in your mind.

“if you had one year to live what would you do?”

If your answer is “I wouldn’t change a thing then go you! You’re living your life to the fullest and that is awesome! If you would change many things then ask yourself why haven’t you already started this ? Life is not a guarantee life is a luxury.


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