Pearl Jam – The end 

This is just a short appreciation piece on the Pearl Jam song called ‘the end.’ 

Having first heard the song I fell in love, the lyrics strung together and the emotion in his Eddie Vedder’s voice had me hooked. 

The song is from what I gather a story about a man who feels guilt for dying and leaving behind his loved ones. When I listen to music I listen to the story in the song and try and play it out in my head how the characters are feeling, with lyrics like “I just wanted to grow old, I just want to grow old” you feel the characters desperation to stay in this life and not pass on to the unknown. 

“It’s my fault now, having caught sickness in my bones, how it pains me to leave you here with the kids on your own, just don’t let me go” this verse hits home where you can see the guilt in his words, were he feels like it’s his fault for dying and leaving his wife/girlfriend behind to raise the kids.

“Looking out from the inside of the bottom of the well, I yell, it’s hell” I gather this is where he is in a purgatory type world looking in on his family and their grief. 

Overall I feel it’s a song that just really hits you were you think what if it was you? It’s a scary thing the passing on to the unknown and the fear of missing out on the rest of the world as it inevitably continues spinning as life goes on. 

At any moment in time the character that Eddie Vedder sings about can be us where we could be staring at death, we should live the life we want to live now so when we are passing we can have the satisfaction of knowing you lived every second of your life how you wanted to live it. 


3 thoughts on “Pearl Jam – The end 

  1. I love music when does more than just sound good. I love it when music and lyrics come together to form an emotional piece. Reading this two other songs came to my mind, dealing with similar topics. The first was, sadly of course, David Bowie’s Lazarus, the other one Linkin Park – Leave out all the rest.

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    1. Im big on my music, the lyrics are the most important part for myself. I’m listening now to that Linkin Park song and it’s very good! I love a song that can make you think rather than some of the stuff spewed out now and again, try Bright eyes and the gaslight anthem if you want a couple of new people to listen to.


      1. Not now people to me, but I never caught on to them. I think I’ll give them another chance. Another favorite song for me would be ‘Dry Your Eyes’ by the Streets and my alltime favorite ‘The Rip’ by Portishead ❤


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