11:11 and its impact on heartbreak, healing and destiny.

11:11 is seen by many different people as a higher power or energy trying to tell us we are on the right path in our life and that we need to calm down a little. With 1111, the universe is sending a signal that an energy gateway has opened up. The universe has acknowledged you, and wants you to be aware that help is on the way.

From my own experience this is a very accurate description of what 11:11 stands for.
My Girlfriend broke up with me in January 2017, naturally this had a massive impact on me. I was one of those people who believed in forever and I was sure this was going to be forever, but the universe had different ideas that I wasnt aware of. So back to the break up, I was a mess, I wasnt eating, I was going to work 9-6 holding back tears and not bothering with anyone then to come home and sit in my room to 10 and fall asleep. I was showing all the signs of depression and very few people knew about it. I only talked to a few people about it, I rarely left the house unless it was a weekend and I spent most of my time sleeping or working. Then I started to notice 11:11, It was everywhere and I wasnt sure what it meant. I would look at my phone and see the time was 11:11 and my battery percent was 11%, whilst working in a phone shop I would check Peoples contracts and see they had balances of £11.11, there was just too many signs so I started to research it and take notice of it and what it meant.
With 11:11 giving me some kind of comfort, I ran with it, I started to do what it told me, I felt it was telling me I was getting on to the right path, and that path has led me to Canada to travel and just live life. I would write in a wee book that I have and from the start where I was feeling hopeless followed with words about seeing 11:11, then efforts of positivity and repeat the cycle.
My moments of positivity included heading to see Eddie Vedder live, going to see The 1975, climbing mountains including Slieve Donard, running a half marathon, starting to play football again and going on dates again. the pattern started to form where during my moments of positivity 11:11 would be unnoticed and moments of negativity would have 11:11 written all over it.
I didn’t realise it at first but I do now and I am a firm believer that 11:11 is trying to keep me on the path of positivity and get rid of the negativity.

Some moments in 2017 I have reached some very low points in my life, moments where I didn’t feel like I was fitting in the world of modern society, some of the things I wrote in my book was dark as hell, I never thought I would be myself again and at times I worried for my future. but whenever I got so low a few simple numbers pulled me back up and started me back on the correct path of life. To somebody who doesn’t believe it may sound stupid but quite literally I think my life could have taken a drastic turn for the worse if I had never have seen 11:11. To get over heartbreak or when life gets you so far down that you think it will never get better sometimes all we need is a sign. A sign that it actually does get better. A sign that help really is out there and it can be in the form of a number sequence for you to get the help through your own head and mind. For somebody to have never experienced anything with numerology to start to notice it at times when I really needed it, it showed me that help was always on the way and for that I am so thankful.
I believe everything in life happens for a reason, wherever we are in our life we are not far from where we need to be we just need to open our eyes a little wider and to really look for what it is we want. I never thought I would be where I am right now, I thought I would still be in my relationship, climbing titles in work but instead I am going to Canada to travel the world, meet new people and actually live life to the full. We all want happiness and we don’t want pain, 11:11 was able to show me how to achieve my happiness and how to avoid pain. 11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, our soul and our inner intuition. It’s serving as a wake-up call to us so that opportunities are not missed in this lifetime. I know travelling the world will have such a great impact on me and I think this number sequence led me to it.

I believe the universe will try to communicate with everybody at some point in their lives. Quite often, this communication will take the form of numerology. So if (when) you see the number 1111, remain open to whatever the universe is trying to tell you. You’ll be amazed at what happens when you simply listen.mundo1111


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