The Bucket list 

I think this should be something everyone creates! It gives you a goal to strive to get to all the things you want to do before you die. Mine is constantly being added on to but for right now this is my bucket list, hope you enjoy and can add some of your own for me to check out !


Visit Brazil to see Christ the redeemer

From a young age this was always top of my bucket list! I’m not religious or anything but this statue is magnificent and something has always drawn me to it and Brazil.


See the northern lights

There could be a chance I could see this when I go to Canada, and I am really hoping so. Space, stars and the sky amazes me so to see the northern lights would be amazing.


Go to Las Vegas

Another place I wanted to visit from when I was younger. From family members who have been it seems to be somewhere worth going.


complete The Great Wall of China Marathon

This one would most definitely be difficult so I am open to changing it to the half marathon over The Great Wall of China which would still be a hell of a challenge considering I’ve only done one half marathon before.

– Visit Hawaii

Love the music, love the scenery and love the Beaches, I would love to see it in person.

– Visit the Vatican City

Again need to stress I am not religious, this one has come from reading the Angels and Demons book. Best book I’ve read and they speak about all the buildings, how they were built and how long they have been standing for; I think it is something I’d like to see before I die.


– Visit Norway

A beautiful country that I would love to visit.

– Go to Germany for Oktoberfest

Love my beer and where better to enjoy a beer at one of the worlds best beer festivals.

–  See Man Utd play in The Champions League

Huge football fan and where better to see your team play under the lights in the champions league.


– Go to an NBA game

I am big on my sports and could really buy in to the American sports.


– Go to an NFL game

Same as NBA I would love to see an NFL game.


– Visit South Africa and a safari and volunteer in Africa

I want to see South Africa as the people draw me to it, a lot of friendly people and if I am in a position to help by volunteering someday I would like to do so.

– See My Chemical Romance live

This one will prove tricky considering at the moment the band are on a hiatus but very few bands stay broken up forever so let’s hope I could witness The Black Parade album live.

– See Kings of Leon live

Only a new band I have really gotten in to but would love to see them live now.


– See Brian Fallon live

I seen him at reading festival before with the gaslight anthem and whilst I loved it and them it’s only been lately I have really become a proper fan.


– Go to Glastonbury festival

I have done Reading and Leeds festival which was unbelievable but Glastonbury is the king of all (with a good line up).

– Visit Venice and Naples

Through the TV show Master of none I have found a love for Italy and the scenes at these places would be amazing.

– Go to New York for Christmas

I’m a big lover of Christmas and New York seem to do it right.

– See many Animals in the wild and not at a zoo, including grizzly bears, sharks and whales.

– Interrail across all of europe

As I’m sure you’re aware if you have read to this point now I love the idea of travelling and seeing as many things as possible so interrailling across all of europe would definitely be a life experience I would love to have.



Completed items off the bucket list
– See Northern Ireland at a major football tournament ☑️

What an adventure ! Going with a friend to Paris to see Northern Ireland in the Euros, definitely a memory I will never forget!


– going to Reading and Leeds Festival ☑️

A festival I went to the first time with my best mate and the second time I went just to meet the ones we met the first time. Made friends for life and a festival I will be at again before I die.


– See Blink 182 Live ☑️

Always my favorite band from no age! No bucket list would have been complete without seeing them live, which I am lucky to have done 3 times. With the last time being at Reading and Leeds festival.


– See Eddie Vedder live ☑️

A man that I was sure I needed to see before I did and he did not disappoint! It was a trip again made with the best friend to cork which was a 5 hour drive, along the way we encourted horse racing, many trains and many beers.

– seeing Man Utd play

I’ve now seen Man Utd twice now which was a tick off the bucket list but next up is seeing them in the Champions League!


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