Train our minds to live the life we want.

Have you ever noticed how some of your best ideas start with a drunken idea? When you’re tipsy and spitting out random plans and talking about how much you hate that and love this but whenever you wake up you’re a different person ? The saying of drunken words are a sober man’s thoughts is very true but why can’t we think like our drunken selves all the time ? 

What I mean by this is when somebody is just on the verge of getting drunk, when they have had a few beers in they are open to so much more suggestions, conversations and plans. 

You see a girl and you think I’d need to be drunk to speak to her, you talk about wanting to quit your job, you talk about not wanting to take that shit from somebody and you talk about your life plans that you want to pursue but come Monday morning you’d say “I don’t even know what I was saying I was so drunk” but why does it have to be like that ? Why have we two mindsets, we can’t we follow through on these plans, why can’t we have this confidence on a Monday morning ?

A friend asked me last night “if alcohol had no damaging effects to the body, if hangovers didn’t exist and it didn’t damage your liver would you want to be tipsy all the time?”

I think for myself I would. The feeling of being actually in control of your body and mind. To say what you want and do what you want without the worry of silly precaution. But this is all a mind state. There is no reason we can’t have the guts to do these things! We need to see the bigger picture sometimes, the picture only our stupid drunk selves see. The picture of life isnt going to last forever. Cut the negativity out of it, do what you want without worry because you don’t want to look back thinking I should have and I could have! Do what you want now and do it honestly.


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