The end of the world

There is something beautiful in the idea of the end of the world. As morbid as it sounds the thoughts of everyone in the world showing their true colours would be a thing of beauty, nobody worrying about what we all think of each other, nobody doing the jobs they hate, nobody worrying about materialistic goods.

Imagine a life where none of that matters like something kicked in to our brains, the brainwashing wore off and we literally only care for our own happiness. In this life I think we fear judgement too much, Judgement is all around us through our social status, through social media and even through religion. We get justed for anything we do but it shouldn’t bother us, we need to realise this life is too short (cliche but true) to worry about things we can’t control and what way others see us. The only eyes that matter are your own, see a person in the mirror that is happy, honest and living life without fear.

Obviously I don’t want the world to end but whenever I leave this Earth it would be peaceful to leave with everyone else too. No fear of missing out or leaving people behind, we all go togetger United and we all watch the end specticle together as old folk who have been on some major adventures.


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